A Valentine’s Giveaway for You

By DiAnn Mills @DiAnnMills

When the signs of Valentine’s Day took over the retail scenery, from candy and cards to exquisite dinners, I thought about how much I value my relationship with you.

I hear from many of you daily, and the encouragement boosts my confidence. You—

  • Comment on my blog.
  • Contact me through my website with e-mails that seal our friendship.
  • Read my books and write amazing reviews.
  • Offer suggestions for book titles and character names.
  • Follow me on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Accept my invitations to meet me at book signings and speaking events.
  • Provide story ideas.
  • And so much more!

Thank you! I love hearing from you!

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The following is my way of offering you something special. Every person who is subscribed to my blog will be entered in a random drawing to receive a heart-shaped box of delicious chocolates at my favorite local store: Copper Kettle Chocolate Factory. I’ll be drawing for two boxes of chocolates. Encourage your friends to subscribe. Both of you could be winners!

I’ll be selecting two recipients on Wednesday, February 8 at 1:00 CST to ensure the candy is delivered by Valentine’s Day.

Have you made Valentine’s Day plans?

DiAnn Mills



DiAnn’s Library Corner


Librarian – Make Valentine’s Day special for all your patrons. Have a bowl of wrapped candy that shows you value your readers –  young and old.

Available for Pre-Orders Now

Deep Extraction by DiAnn Mills – April, 2017






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  1. Teresa R

    This year will be our 40th wedding anniv. I usually get my favorite flowers and some chocolate covered strawberries. A special holiday. Love your books…Write faster LOL!

  2. Rebecca McLafferty

    Hi DiAnn,

    I enjoyed your post so much. Thanks! My oldest granddaughter’s “golden birthday” is this year–on Valentine’s Day. We’re brainstorming how to incorporate “14”…gifts…lots of thought going into this one! Blessings and hugs to you!

  3. Connie Brown

    Thanks for the giveaway. I look forward to each book as it comes out. Thanks also for the encouragement and mentoring. I hope the info I give you helps.

  4. Victoria Roberts

    Oh well. At least I’m now connected with you on facebook and twitter (I can’t believe I wasn’t already connected on facebook). Anyway, I know this will come as a tremendous shock, but I’m not really a fan of chocolates. However, being the idea person that I am, I will still share any story ideas and character names with you when they strike. 🙂

  5. Diana Tidlund

    Happy Valentines Day Everyone! hope everyone has at least one memorable one … mine was in 94 when Dickie put a heart shaped Valentines ad in the newspaper asking me to marry him… he had the heart shaped diamond ring waiting for me at home… then in 99 for Valentines he bought me a new jeep grand cherokee laredo….. so I had to memorable ones! have a great day all!

  6. Lois Imel

    Hi Diann – I have read so many of your awesome books….don’t know how you keep the ideas coming for another one. Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!!!
    Hubby & I will be celebrating 49 yrs. together this year, hope we get to the 50th; but, you never know what life is going to hand you.

  7. Darla

    No plans. I want to hit the stores to buy Valentine’s Day wrapping paper etc (they’re pretty and I like to use them Year round) but I’ll probably do that after to get a better deal

  8. Teresa Williams

    Happy Valentine’s Day!? I’ve been married 43 years and every year he says I didn’t have any money.I always get him something if its just a candy bar and a card.Lol before we married I always got a huge box of candy

  9. Teresa Williams

    Happy Valentine’s Day!? I’ve been married 43 years and every year he says I didn’t have any money.I always get him something if its just a candy bar and a card.Lol before we married I always got a huge box of candy

  10. Barbara Wenner

    I want to wishes you a very Happy Valentines Day , I probably stay home and read a good book thanks for the change to win,God Bless.

  11. Beverly Duell-Moore

    I don’t usually do anything. I’m not married so there’s no reason to do anything. I do send my grandniece a card with balloons and stickers in it.
    I love your books!

  12. Charline Bonham

    We sometimes go out to lunch around Valentines day but don’t buy gifts. We are retired and together all the time so every day is special. We do like to eat out but go easy on the candy to control weight and other health issues. We’ve been married 52 years.
    Happy Valentines to you.

  13. Margie D Coats

    We don’t really do anything special. We’ll probably go out to eat and may go to a movie that we’ve been wanting to see.

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  14. June H

    Happy Valentine’s Day DiAnn! I know you will loved by all of your extended family on this special day. You are very loved! Thank you for the giveaway. It is always exciting to see who has won the special goodie that you are giving away. Thank you for all the wonderful books that you write; I pray God’s blessings on you this day!

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  15. Ann White Knowles

    Happy Valentine’s Day from NC. I am a long time subscriber to your blog. I will always cherish you as a friend because you were the first person to encourage me in my writing journey–at BRMCWC in 2007.

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  16. Patti Jo Moore

    You are a sweetie, DiAnn! The name of that candy store sounds like something from a romance novel (Copper Kettle Chocolate Factory). 🙂
    No special plans on Valentine’s Day itself, but the following day I’m taking an elderly friend for her oncologist appointment. This precious widowed lady has become one of my dearest friends (she reminds me she’s old enough to be my mother, but that is fine!). I am planning to make the day special for her because after her appointment I plan to pick up a special lunch, then visit with her at her home that afternoon.
    Thank you for all of your blog posts and so many ways you reach out to readers and fellow writers. 🙂

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  17. Carole Smith

    Such a kind and delicious giveaway! I will be keeping my grandchildren on Valentine’s Day, so that their parents can have a date night! I hope you have a great Valentine’s day!

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  18. Hope Welborn

    What a *sweet* idea to pass the love on to your readers. I’m sure whoever wins will enjoy the gift! Thank YOU for being a kind, gracious, and encouraging friend. You’ve been a blessing to me!

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  19. Jann Butts

    What a wonderful idea: chocolate! I’m absolutely certain one of the rooms in my Heavenly mansion is filled with chocolates of all kinds. It won’t make me fat(ter), won’t break me out…because it’s Heaven.

    You are such an incredible, Godly woman, DiAnn. You give so much back to your readers. We appreciate your kindness, thoughtfulness, consideration. We’re merely returning what you give us.

    Love and Hugs!!

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  20. Earlene Gillespie

    Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Valentine’s Day to you. I don’t have a spouse so probably will not get anything unless I buy it myself, ( which isn’t a bad thing) in my opinion.

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  21. Carol Luciano

    Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. Since my other half is no longer here I will mprobably go to cremetary and place flowers.I also love spoiling the grandkids with sweets. It prepares them to remember it’s a day to show love to everyone. Thanks for the giveaway chance.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

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  22. Morgan Shelton

    Already pre order book. Thanks for chance at chocolates. This year will be interesting. Jerry finished his working years at kroger, the last eight to get ins till I turn 65. He has been grabbing last thing left for eight years. This time not there. Oh what will he do?

  23. Jan Hall

    I won’t be receiving chocolates from my hubby this year. I will spend the day down on the dock remembering our time together and will probably go out to the cemetery.

  24. Phyllis

    My plans for Valentine’s Day is to have a “date” with my 5 year old great nephew so that my niece and her hubby can have much needed time alone, to enjoy a meal out at a restaurant that doesn’t have a kids menu! It is hard to have a romantic evening with a very active and curious little boy in the house. I intend to pick up my nephew after school. Then we will eat pizza for dinner, followed by an early bath, and then a movie before bedtime. Perfect date night for a little boy!

  25. Barbara Hackel

    I think Valentine’s day is one of the best holidays ever. You get to tell people how much you care and appreciate them. If you are really lucky you are given candy or something sweet.
    I have been keeping a bag of Hershey kisses in my purse wherever I go. When I see a beautiful smile or hear a kind comment, I love giving the person a little sweet kiss. When I see someone who looks sad or down, I give them a candy kiss in place of the real thing, just to let them know others care!
    I LOVE Valentine’s day! Have a wonderful one DiAnn!

  26. Lisa Sabatini

    Thanks for the contest! For Valentine’s Day, my husband and I plan to treat his recently widowed 89 year old mother to a day of fun. She loves the casino, so, penny machines here I come! LOL! Maybe we will find a machine with a I’ve theme. ?

  27. Karen Krack

    Love chocolate – the darker, the better! Thanks for the opportunity. Since our anniversary is the end of January (just hit 41), we kind of low key Valentine’s Day. Hope you have a great one!

  28. Connie Fischer

    I love the library you have above. It is just adorable and beckons me to sit and read a book!

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you, DiAnn!

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